سيروم انسبيرا فيرم اند ليفت 30 مل

40 KWD

كل لؤلؤة غنية بخلاصة السرخس وحمض الهيالورونيك. توفر التركيبة الفاخرة تأثير شد فوري بينما تساعد على شد بشرتك وإشراقها.

صنع في المانيا.

UV protection – protects against the negative effects of UV radiation Anti-pollution effect – protects against the damaging influence of air pollution and maintains the skin´s radiance Lifting effect – smoothes fine lines and wrinkles immediately Optimal skin moisturization Improves the skin´s resilience and elasticity.
Fern Extract: native to New Zealand. Polysaccharides extracted from the fern helps with reducing wrinkles, toning and firming the skin Hyaluronic Acid: deeply hydrates and stimulates collagen and elastin production Vitamin E: promotes Vitamin E in the skin and neutralises damaging free radicals.

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