Avalon Nipple Cream 30ml

4.500 KWD

Avalon Nipple Cream is used for relieving and removing cracks in the nipples due to pregnancy and breastfeeding Avalon Nipple Cream relieves women's sensitive skin after pregnancy and breastfeeding It moisturizes and nourishes the skin to restore its natural health quickl.

Made in KSA.

Reduced chances of breast cancer. The more breastfeeding, the lower the risk of breast cancer Reduces the chances of developing uterine and ovarian cancer due to low levels of estrogen during lactation Protects against osteoporosis, which appears in the menopause stage, where the chance of osteoporosis and hip fractures is four times less in women who are breastfeeding than non-breastfeeding women.
Vaseline Paraffin Oil Olive Oil Cocoa Butter Panthenol.

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