Castalia Sensial Masque Hydratant Apaisant 50ml

7.700 KWD

Moisturizing soothing face mask for sensitive skin that shows redness, intense dryness, after sunburn, peeling, laser and other dermatological procedures, as well as for skin that shows signs of fatigue.

Made in EU.

Skin that exhibits redness, irritation and intense dryness. Use after cosmetic surgery, laser, peeling and sunburn. Atopic skin.
Organic aloe extract: Healing, soothing and softening properties Pyrus Malus extract: Rejuvenation, anti-wrinkle protection Bio-compatible component (combination of amino acids and metals): Comfort, well-being, protection from the effects of stress, hydration Ceramides ΙΙΙ:Improves hydration Phospholipid-based proliposomes With a technology that improves skin penetration of active ingredients.

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