FILORGA HYDRA HYAL SERUM 30 ml + UV-Defence SPF 50+40ml

37.540 KWD 43.650 KWD

HYDRA-HYAL SERUM is the reformulation of our intensive anti-aging serum that now combines the power of 5 hyaluronic acids for instantly hydrated and plumped skin. a complex that delivers 5 types of natural-origin hyaluronic acids deep into the skin + NCEF and Sophora Japonica extract, an antioxidant that fights against skin aging.

UV-Defence SPF 50 offers very high protection – a powerful combination of sun filters paired with antioxidant vitamin E to protect the skin against UV light and free radicals. Anti-dark sJar action: hop extract reduces melanin to diminish photo-induced dark sJars. Anti-aging action: brown algae extract combined with hyaluronic acid complex + NCTF® to instantly regenerate the skin tissue and reduce signs of aging.

Made in France

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