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GlobiFer Forte® is the only iron supplement which offers both haem iron (protein-based iron) and non-haem iron (plant-based iron). Unlike other iron supplements, GlobiFer Forte® provides two types of iron in one tablet for maximum absorption with virtually no gastric side effects
Take 1 tablet daily with water or juice.
Bovine haemoglobin powder, iron sulphate, acidity regulator: calcium phosphate - E341, bulking agent: microcrystalline cellulose-E460, stabilizer: polyvinylpyrrolidon-E1202, anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide E551 + magnesium stearate - E470b, film: bulking agent: polyvinylalcohol (E1203) + Talc (E553b) + Magrogol (E1521), colourant: titanium dioxide (E171) + indigo carmin (E132), emulgator: soya lecithin (E322), colourant: red iron oxide - E172 + black iron oxide - E172, tableting agents: dibasic calcium phosphate dihydrate E341, microchrystalline E470b, silicon dioxide e551, coating: shellac E904, talcum E553B

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