Inspira Absolue Beautiful Eye Cream 15ml

27 KWD

Light-diffusing pigments will immediately reduce the visible appearance of lines and wrinkles. A hightech peptide, Matrixyl Synthe’6 gives the eye area a lifted look while high-alpine edelweiss combats premature ageing and aggressive environmental influences. Provides UV and IR protection.

Made in Germany.

Long-lasting moisturising of the skin (long-term effect lasting 72 hours) Strengthening of the barrier function of the skin Reduces the transepidermal water loss Anti-oxidative Counteracts swelling and shadows around the eyes Pads out lines and wrinkles Inhibits the enzymes which participate in the skin ageing process Smooths and lifts the skin Reduces the depth and volume of wrinkles Prevents IR-induced stress Immediately brightens the entire eye region.
PENTAVITIN®*: Provides long-lasting moisturising effect. Allantoin: The calming and anti-inflammatory properties counteract redness. Shea Butter: Moisturises the skin and makes it soft and supple. Vitamin E acetate: Has an anti-oxidative effect. Alpha bisabolol: Calming and anti-inflammatory properties counteract redness. Short-chain and long-chain hyaluronic acid: The skin is padded from the inside out providing a filler effect. Edelweiss extract: Has a high anti-oxidative capacity and protects skin from damages caused by an excess of free radicals. Venuceane®: Prevents IR-induced stress and inhibits inflammation responses, Matrixyl synthe´6®: A highly effective peptide that encourages the synthesis of 6 key components of the skin matrix. The skin is smoothed and lifted. Light- Diffusing Pigments: Light-diffusing pigments ensure immediate brightening of the entire eye region. Wrinkles are immediately reduced optically. Light protection filter: Protects the skin from damages caused by UVA and UVBradiation.

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