Inspira Cosmetics VitaGlow C 30ml

28.800 KWD 32 KWD

Our Magic Spheres 'Vitaglow C' are precious skin care pearls designed to counteract pigment disorders and age spots. The pearls contain vitalising Vitamin C and Swiss Herbs Extracts like mallow, mint, melissa and veronica for a radiant and even complexion. 

Made in Germany.

Effective lightening of hyperpigmented skin Reduces existing pigmentation spots Inhibits the formation of new melanin and therefore the occurrence of new pigmentation spots UV protection – protects against the negative effects of UV radiation Anti-pollution effect – protects against the damaging influence of air pollution and maintains the skin´s radiance Lifting effect – smoothes finelines and wrinkles immediately Strongly moisturizing, moisture retaining and moisture binding Refines the skin texture.
Vitamin C: supports the effect of Vitamin E and the new formation of collagen; reduces pigmentation Veronica Extract: powerful antioxidative, contains Vitamin E, Vitamin K and Vitamin C Lemon Balm Extract: protects the skin against sun damage and a powerful antioxidant Ladies Mantle Extract: a rich source of phytoestrogens and salicylic aci Primula Veris Extract: antioxidant and immune system booster Yarrow Extract: has clarifying and anti-inflammatory properties Mallow Extract: calming and soothing for the most delicate skin Peppermint Leaf Extract: helps in smoothing and toning Vitamin E: neutralises damaging free radicals.

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