Inspira Skin Hydration Ampoules 7x2ml

21 KWD

Ampoules are small single-use, airtight glass capsules containing supercharged serum. They are targeted treatments which contain a higher concentration of active ingredients giving your skin a potent boost. Hydrating Complex focuses on providing an immediate boost of hydration to dry and dehydrated skin.

Made in Germany.

Promoting long-lasting moisture boost while protecting the skin from dehydration Your skin feels deeply hydrated, nourished and plumped up Soothing irritation and provides an anti-inflammation effect.
Hyaluronic Acid: provides immediate intensive hydration on the surface of the skin, while replenishing lost moisture and in turn helping to plump up the skin Allantoin: the calming and anti-inflammatory properties counteract redness and irritation. It accelerates the cell structure, formation and regeneration Aloe Vera: has soothing, skin-clarifying and moisture-boosting properties Witch Hazel Water: soothing and anti-inflammatory effect.

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