10.560 KWD

Lierac Body-Hydra Micropeeling Scrub is an innovative body scrub that provides a unique “micropeeling” effect to the skin. Infused with two forms of hyaluronic acid, as well as repairing silicium, this product re-firms and re-plumps the skin, leaving it radiant and renewed. Plant-origin micro-grains exfoliate with the utmost gentleness, so as not to damage the skin. Use this product in combination with other Lierac Body products for stunning results!


Made in France.

Lierac Body-Hydra Micropeeling Scrub hydrates and plumps the skin while providing it with a gentle exfoliating action. It provides a “micropeeling” effect, refines and evens out the skin texture, hydrates and smooths the skin.
Two forms of hyaluronic acid refill and re-firm the skin: one form with high mollecular weight, gives an instant hydration boost, while another form of microencapsulated hyaluronic acid features a slow release mechanism that gradually penetrates the skin and provides long lasting comfort and a plumping effect; Repairing silicium boosts collagen production to restore the skin's firmness, gradually rebuilding the skin's proteins that grant elasticity and firmness; Plant-origin micro-grains provide the skin with a gentle exfoliating action, consequently leaving it radiant and renewed.

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