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Lierac Double Cleansing Micellar Water Face&Eyes is a new generation double cleanser that helps to remove impurities at all levels: it cleanses on the surface to remove the impurities that accumulate throughout the day, including all signs of pollution, and uses an innovative method based on ionic cabinet cleansing that acts like a magnet to deeply cleanse the skin. This double cleanser action removes all makeup, pollution, dead cells, sebum and sweat that usually lead to the formation of free radicals, which in turn are responsible for making the skin dull and wrinkled. This micellar water, which is suitable for all skin types, features a refreshing texture enriched with hydrating hydrating polysaccharides, for a comfortable cleansing action that doesn't trigger irritation or redness.


Made in France.

Lierac Double Cleansing Micellar Water Face&Eyes is a refreshing micellar water that cleanses the skin and removes impurities on all levels. It cleanses the skin of all impurities, refreshes the complexion, maintains the skin's optimal levels of moisture.
A "micro-magnet" cleanser, combined with enzyme micro-exfoliators and waterlily extract, captures and dissolves impurities both on the surface of and deep into the skin, eliminates dead cells, and creates a protective action over the skin; Hyaluronic acid provides anti-aging, moisturizing, and plumping benefits.

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