8.640 KWD

For those who enjoy milk textures when cleansing their face, Lierac has launched the Micellar milk for all skin types

This daily care promotes an anti-pollution and make-up removing cleansing, and and provides a smoothing micro-exfoliation thanks to its unique formula.

Being rich in glycerin, this milk leaves the skin soft and moisturized after rinsing off.


Made in France.

The double cleanser on the surface + in depth. Inspired by the aesthetic technique of ionic cleansing, this micellar milk, for all skin types, offers a double cleansing: - on the surface: it rids the skin of external pollutants, dust and dissolves make-up - in depth: it removes excess sweat and sebum and helps eliminate dead cells An active milk texture that turns into water for double cleaning efficiency. A fresh and feminine scent combining notes of jasmine, lotus flower and white gardenia.
"Micro-magnet" cleaner, Captures and dissolves impurities on the surface and in depth, Enzymatic micro-exfoliant, Eliminate dead cells, Water lily extract, Protective action, Hyaluronic acid, Anti-aging action, Vegetal glycerine, Moisturizing action.

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