Lierac Rosilogie Concentrate 30ml

22.080 KWD

Lierac Rosilogie Persistent Redness Double Concentrate is a double fluid care for those suffering from redness and damaged skin barrier. The daytime fluid has a green tone to visually correct the redness, but at the same time it also has ingredients that helps to treat it over time and produces results within just 7 days, as 81% of users state that the skin is less reactive. With its dual formula, this product has a serum for daytime and one for night time, ensuring a 24h complete care for all the needs of the skin suffering from redness. Contrary to most products in the market right now, both formulas are fluid, meaning they can be used by all skin types.


Made in France.

Lierac Rosilogie Persistent Redness Double Concentrate is a double care for skin with redness that can be used by all skin types. It reduces hyperreactivity, corrects redness, restores the skin barrier.
Day: Pre and Probiotics provide a protective shield that enables the sensitive skin to be protected from external aggressors; Day & Night: Ruscus extract and Dextrane help to reduce redness and a Neurosoothing Peptide helps to reduce the hyperreactivity of the skin; Night: Prolipids and Enoxolone help to restructure fragile skin and to soothe it.

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