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F11 is the first treatment that has scientifically proven to achieve up to 41.2% longer hair. A treatment that includes the Special Edition Premium Nº1 Shampoo 250ml and the Regenerator Serum 70ml.

Made in Spain

The first HAIR TREATMENT that has clinically proven achieve with its use up to 41.2% longer hair.
Main active ingredients: Pure Marine Glycogen: ensures the energy availability on the active hair growth phase and helps renew and energize the epithelial cells of the scalp Red Onion Extract: active ingredient with high levels of quercetin that helps reduce the scalp inflammation, improving the blood flow to the follicle, as well as improving its nourishment. Its sulphur compounds exercises an effective and antibacterial cleaning in the hair and scalp Salts from the Dead Sea: contains more than 20 different minerals, such as Zinc, Magnesium, Calcium and Potassium. These provide an intense nourishment and cleanliness to the scalp. They perform a microexfoliation increasing the penetration of the remaining active ingredients, and also remove the dead skin cells from the scalp Andean Maca Extract: the plant active ingredient with the highest levels in protein, vitamins and minerals, making it one of the best existing hair revitalizers. It stimulate the biotin synthesis, therefore stops hair loss Hydrolyzed Soy Protein: provides sugars to the hair follicle increasing the anagen phase, a stage that directly affects the thickness and number of hairs. Strengthens from the root of the hair, reducing the risk of baldness Sulfopeptides and Aminosaccharides: they regulate and modulate sebaceous hyper secretion, while inhibiting the lipogenesis and sebaceous disorders. Furthermore, they stimulate the protein synthesis of the hair, improving the capillary structure and preventing entrence of external aggressive agents, as well as from capillary dehydration and nourishment. Due to this protein increase, intervenes in the formation of the hair follicle and therefore in the hair growth cycle B Vitamins: provide vitality to the hair and modulate lipogenesis (inhibits the production of sebum). Its deficiency however, is one of the causes of baldness. In addition, it also intervenes in the quercetin production, which provides shine to the hair

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