Seward Mediter Deep Nourishment Dry Hair Olea Mask 250ml

15.400 KWD

Deeply nourishing mask for dry hair, with Bio-Tech Ceramides and Olea-Complex. Designed for the specific treatment of dry and frizzy hair: it deeply nourishes, improving body, resistance and elasticity.

Made in Italy.

Gorgeous and thick hair that shines with health and beauty, it’s an easily achievable result if you regularly use Helen Seward Mediter Nutrive mask. This excellent quality mask, that perfectly balances efficiency and ingredients, is rich in active ingredients of natural origin. Formula is based on Bio-Tech-Complex, which consists of microspheres and sunflower ceramides, that has an intensive regenerating effect. Formula also consists of Olea-Complex, which is enriched with olive oil and olive leaf extract, that deeply moisturizes hair and increases its elasticity. Your hair will be properly nourished, smooth and shiny!

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