61 KWD

Specifically formulated to improve the skin wrinkle, the A.G.E. interrupterimproves the appearance of fine mature skin, caused by intrinsic aging processes.

This new generation of anti-aging cream has been formulated with 18% concentrated proxylane, flavonoids from wild fruits, and glycyrrhetinic acid. This advanced technology has shown to be capable of improving the appearance of wrinkles, helping restore skin firmness, and enhancing skin luminosity.

It is involved in different stages of the glycation process, which causes the visible signs of aging. It smoothens a wide variety of wrinkle types, such as expression lines, deep wrinkles, and localized aging signs like nasolabial lines.

It helps restore skin firmness and elasticity, whose loss is accentuated as glycation degrades collagen in the skin. It enhances skin luminosity, improves tone, and reduces blemishes, providing a more even appearance.

It provides deep hydration with a premium silky finish.

Made in France.

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